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1º Teste de Inglês

1-    Complete with the verb in the present simple (Affirmative):
a)    He __________ (eat) chocolate.
b)   We __________ (like) science.
c)    They __________ (play) with a ball.
d)   It _________(love) it's friend.
e)   She __________ (wash) the dishes.
f)    I __________ (wake up) at 9 o’clock.
g)   She __________ (study) before breakfast.

2-   Complete with some and any:
a)    There are _______ fish in the fridge.
b)   Is there _______ coffee?
c)    There isn’t _______ water in the glass.
d)   Are there _______ apples?
e)   There is _______ sugar in the packet but there isn't ______ bread.

3-   Complete with do or does:
a)    She _______ her homework everyday.
b)   ________ he go to school at 7 o’clock every Tuesday?
c)   What did they _______ this weekend?
d)   My father ________ his work at the office.

4-   Complete with the interrogative form:
a)    ______ she _______ sciences?
b)   ______ I _______ to school at 7 o’clock?
c)    ______ they _______the dishes?
d)   ______ the dog ______ in the garden?

5-   Write a text about your daily routine.

6-   Write the questions or answers:
a)    ______________________________________?
I have breakfast in the kitchen.

b)   What time do you wake up?

c)    Where do you have dinner?

d)   ______________________________________?
No, I don’t. I do my homework at 9 o’clock.

7-   Answer these questions:
a)    How often do you watch TV?
b)   How often do you listen to music?
c)    How often do you wake up early at the weekend?
d)   How often do you clean your room?
8-   Word order:
a)    go at you bed to Do o’clock 9?
b)   like she apples Does?
c)    my everyday I teeth brush.
d)   takes the after She a dinner shower.
e)   iron you How clothes do often the?

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